July 20-24, 2015

Lydia Morgan has lived and performed aerial, dance, and theatre in Mexico, Canada, Europe, and the US. After graduating from Brock University with a BAH/MA Honors in Performing Arts Lydia began her aerial training with Toronto Aerial Dance, and continued at NECCA, Spinal Chord, Cirque School LA, Hollywood Aerial Arts, Womack and Bowman, IADF, LRDA, and VauLt where she became a certified coach in trapeze, fabric, and hoop. Her approach to teaching focuses on technique, safety, and explaining choreography in such a way that is clear to every type of student, whether new to the art or advanced. Her specialty is figuring out the mechanics of a move, slowing and breaking it down, and explaining it in a way that works for everybody's body, strengths, and weaknesses. Lydia currently resides in Los Angeles with her awesome husband Will and two adorable cats.